Before you mobilize on any RESIDENTIAL project OR hire a sub for any kind of work – RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL or INDUSTRIAL – first, reach for
The Most Important Tool in Your Tool Belt 
Filling out our HICPA & CWMA Compliance forms keeps you protected!
Home Improvement Consumers Protect Act (HICPA)
6-Page (4 sheets of paper) HICPA Compliant Contract
PA’s Construction Workplace Misclassification Act (CWMA)
2-Page (1 sheet of paper) CWMA Compliant Contract

Have your contracts faxed to you for immediate use!*
* Faxes are a total of 19 and will be sent during office hours: M-F 8am – 4pm EST.

Are your subcontractors employees?
Learn how to tell the difference.
Working without CWMA and HICPA compliant contracts could leave you facing fines, owing taxes and insurance premiums for your subs and being unable to collect payments owed to you.